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Erica Thorstenson has been the personal hair stylist and makeup artist to women all over Northern Virginia since 2008. She operates out of her home studio. You will experience the same comforts of a salon without the other stylists and patrons. You will work directly with Erica start to finish making scheduling easy and convenient.  Erica loves the personal relationship, and individual focus on your needs. How a person feels about their hair and face is a huge factor in their self esteem. Erica takes the time to listen to your concerns, offer recommendations and collaborates with you for the outcome.


Note from Erica:
"Hair and Makeup is my true passion. There is no greater feeling for me than to hear my clients tell me they feel so much better after an appointment with me. Whether it be a regular root touch up, extensions or a consultation with a bride, I love seeing the smiles my work brings to my clients!  Give me a call and we will have a complete day of GLAM" xoxo - Erica

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